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Rules for Suggestions

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Rules for Suggestions

Post by Venomalix on Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:01 pm

PLEASE read this before posting a suggestion for the game.

You have a few types of suggestions to choose from.. and there are rules with those suggestions. And most importantly, no joke suggestions. However, if you ACTUALLY put work into it and make sure it's balanced and will fit, it will be considered.

Anyway, here's what it is.

Car Suggestions

  • Make sure it's possible
  • List it's statistics and class
  • Try to make up a design
  • If it's a new manufacturer, give it a name and a logo (NOT FROM THE INTERNET)
  • If it's for an existing manufacturer, make sure it fits with it!
  • If it's a racecar, label it with GT3, GT2, GT1, N, EP, F1, or FP1.. depending what it is
  • List the car's body type
  • Give your car a decent description

You can also even do the car yourself and send it to us directly.

Track Suggestions

  • Make sure it's possible.
  • Select a region it'd be located in. (Select Altre for whatever doesnt fit into other regions)
  • Describe it's location in the region you selected.
  • Describe the scenery.
  • Make up a layout and highlight any alternate routes, if any.
  • Give the track a name and name it's routes, if any.
  • Give the track a good description.

You can also do the track yourself and send it to us directly.

Region Suggestions

  • Make sure it's possible.
  • Give the region a theme.
  • Describe the region's scenery and layout.
  • Create the region's layout. (completely optional)
  • Give the region it's own track for street mode.
  • What type of weather/effects does your region have?

These suggestions are HIGHLY unlikely to be added unless they're mini regions, etc.. but we'd take the best ones, if so.

For other suggestions, try to think about what these are like.. make em' possible, and actually worth adding into the game.

You do NOT have to follow these sets of recommendations, but doing so will greatly boost your chance of getting them added, and so on.

Thank you.

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